Burner Technology

Course Overview

An introduction to the principles of combustion technology applied to gaseous and liquid fuels, covering a wide range of applications but with the main focus towards high temperature processes.

The course will also look at developments in minimising combustion emissions whilst maintaining plant efficiency, including practical examples and an interactive question and answer session.

Course Syllabus

·       This course will cover the following topics:

·       Combustion Principles: Fuel types & properties / heat transfer issues.

·       Burner Types: Basic principles, burner types / fuel & air components and systems / oxy fuel technology / oil atomisation systems / safety issues.

·       Emissions & Control Strategies: Types of NOx burners / control options / flameless combustion.

·       Energy Efficiency & Low NOx Burners: Cold air, recuperative and regenerative burner developments / applying low NOx to energy efficiency.

·       Economic issues: Energy costs versus potential savings / non combustion cost savings and benefits.

·       Selection Criteria: Basic selection guidelines / includes an open session where delegates will have an opportunity to discuss their applications.

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