Furnace and Burner Controls

Course Overview

An Introduction to the principles and application of control technologies, when applied to air flow, gas flow and ultimately temperature control, covering a wide range of applications.

The course will cover controls from the basic hand valve, through butterfly valves and ratio regulators, finishing with full PID Controls incorporating practical examples and an interactive question and answer session.

Course Syllabus

The following subjects will be covered in this course:

·       Control Hierarchy and process dependent selection routes

·       Hand Valves.

·       Pressure governors.

·       Square Port Linear flow valves.

·       Pneumatically Impulse Control regulators.

·       Interactive simulation of a fully functional air control and ratio regulator system.

·       Control Selection, relative to plant and process.

·       Practical exercise in system design.

·       Applying the theory.

·       Electronic PID Control.

·       Interactive Furnace Temperature Control Tuning.

·       Interactive Multi loop PID Control Tuning.

·       Thermal Head Control.

Open discussion on your site experiences and problems

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